Typosquatting in Odoo App Store

Stumbled upon a weird case on the Odoo App Store — two modules having seemingly the same technical names:

Not sure if one of the modules is a copy of the other, as they look to be made by different authors.

Upon closer inspection one can see that the second one has an extra whitespace character at the beginning of its name. What is more interesting is that in the details page the technical names of the modules look identical:

Technical name comparison

That's because the extra space in the beginning was not replaced by an HTML entity and was treated as insignificant during parsing/rendering.

That could prove risky — think about identically looking base ,  web or other ubiquitous addons. This is typosquatting in the most perfect sense, as to the naked eye, there is no typo in the technical name. The lesson here is: always check the URL!

Interestingly, there are other odd cases of technical names on the Odoo App Store:

These are all technical names. And they even can be installed in Odoo (at least the free ones). How odd.