Odoo App Store Licensing Issues

I've been observing the Odoo app store lately, and I have noticed a few paid addons which are published under a proprietary license (OPL-1 or similar) but have GPL-2, GPL-3, AGPL-3 dependencies. As explained in OCA FAQ's Licenses & CLA section, A program of any license (open or closed) can't link to your program if you are using an GPL or AGPL license. The same interpretation (regarding AGPL) is given by Odoo:

Proprietary Apps cannot depend on AGPL Apps, only on LGPL and other Proprietary ones.

and additionally:

Odoo's official interpretation of the licenses and their intention is that using Proprietary Apps and AGPL Apps at the same time is OK, as long as they don't depend on each other.

Odoo also state that:

The Odoo Apps Store will be able to verify the validity of the combinations.

Right. Let's review:

You might notice that for most of these the incompatible dependencies are created by the author of the original addon. IANAL, so I don't know if that is still an issue (it looks so in theory). So, let's keep only those which depend on addons from other authors:

It looks like the Odoo App Store allows you to get away with selling addons having dependencies with incompatible licenses.

This list was compiled based on Odoo App Store data from 2017-12-22, not including [website themes](https://www.odoo.com/apps/themes).